groteskheter från Libyen


Vem/vilka är det som är så angelägna att attackera Libyen och förstöra deras land?
Susan Lindauer, som har jobbat för CIA med ansvar för Libyen – ”As the former CIA Asset who covered Libya at the United Nations from 1995 to 2003 during negotiations for the Lockerbie Trial, I am compelled to break past that propaganda to examine actual evidence.” – kommer med ohyggliga berättelser och videor om halshuggningar och våldtäkter utförda av rebell-sidan, som Sveriges militär stödjer! Då är det väl dags för de i Sveriges regering som fattat beslut om svenskt deltagande i detta olagliga angreppskrig och involvering i dessa illdåd och krigsförbrytelser att avgå. Vi får hjälpas åt att informera de som ännu inte fått reda på hur saker och ting förhåller sig.

Graphic Video of Libyan Rebel Beheading Gadhaffi Soldier

So much for NATO’s humanitarian mission. Clearly NATO has been grossly deceived, and should cease at once from protecting these Rebels who are monstrously abusive to the Libyan people. U.S. tax dollars are training a New Taliban to intimidate the Libyan people into submission, while the West plunders Libya’s wealth.

But NATO failed to take into account the spirit of the Libyan people. Libya has a powerful history and traditions of resilience in defending its sovereignty from foreign invaders. Libyan families and Tribal Leaders are determined to seek financial damages from every NATO and Arab country that supports the rebels. So long as NATO provides training, uniforms, military assault rifles, jeeps and transportation, ground advisers and air power—-NATO will be forced to take responsibility for these crimes. Financial damages will come out of funding for NATO’s own citizens—out of education, health care, government pensions, universities, roads, bridges, you name it.

Patrick Haseldine, a British expert on Libya’s conflict with NATO, has calculated current British financial damages at $2.8 billion.

All of it begs the question why NATO governments should want to support these Rebels in the first place? Indeed, all of us should ask some important questions.

On Friday evening, June 24, 2011, a forum entitled, ”Eyewitness Libya,” was held in Washington, D.C., at the Festival Center. It featured Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition. Wayne Madsen på detta möte, och Cynthia McKinney.

Stephen Lendman – US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

BCP (British Civilians for Peace) spokesman Dale Roberts said in two Libyan visits:

”I have seen and witnessed the effects of bombing on civilians. This has included schools, hospitals, infrastructure and civilian areas,” unrelated to military sites.

Roberts added that UK and Western media suppress truths because:

”European public opinion is against a war that was not debated in Parliament, even in my country, Great Britain,” adding:

”One of the main reasons why” UN Resolution 1973 passed was because ”Libya was being blamed and made responsible for attacks on unarmed civilians. They are false. We visited the areas in Tripoli (the UN Resolution) cited….and it is clear that these areas were not attacked.”

Webster Tarpley befinner sig i Libyen och rapporterar i Alex Jones Show del 123

AB – Nato-attack i Libyen kan ha dödat 15 , En ny Nato-attack kan ha krävt 15 civila dödsoffer i östra Libyen uppger landets nyhetsbyråer.

Russia Today – Children ‘among 15 dead’ as NATO blasts Gaddafi general

Wayne Madsen – Obama follows ‘Wag the Dog’ script, even down to the rape scene

video –What You Don’t Know About Gaddafi

Scott Creighton – Globalist Puppet Luis Moreno-Ocampo Issues ICC Arrest Warrant for Gadhafi based on “Activists Say” Evidence

Top U.S. admiral: Goal in Libya is to kill Qaddafi

Press TV talks with Lizzie Phelan, journalist and political activist in London who has been to Libya and says that Western media is complicit in war crimes in the North African country through omission of fact and that the vast majority of the population are in support of the Libyan government.

The mass pro-Gaddafi street demonstration of one million Libyans held in the capital Tripoli has gone unreported by Western media as has news of civilians killed for the past three months.

Indikationer på att oroligheterna i Syrien får hjälp utifrån, var det någon som trodde något annat?

Syrian security seize smuggled weapons
Syrian authorities have seized a large shipment of weapons, in the coastal city of Lattakia, which were thought to have been meant for the armed groups in the north.


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