Keen hos Keiser

Steve Keen hos Max Keiser 23 juni, om alla krav på nedskärningar och hur fel det är. Ett inslag som tål att lyssnas på både en och två gånger (som mp3 HÄR). Det går inte att se på ett lands ekonomi på samma sätt som man ser på sin egen personliga ekonomi på hushållsnivå!

(detta är andra halvan av Keiser Report 23 juni, även första halvan är hör och sevärd)

Bankers & Fools

Greece has a GDP of around $300 billion and its federal budget deficit is close to $425 billion. How will they ever pay this back if this year alone they will add another $30 billion in debt? This money will never be paid back, but, then again, no one ever worked to earn it. Since it was made out of thin air why not just write it off?

This is the key question that Europe will ask as the austerity measures begin to fail. The problem isn’t that the banks would collapse. It could be arranged so the banks don’t take such a big hit to their reserve requirements. As the Financial Times notes, the examiners can look the other way, as if the loans were not defaulting. The real hit to the banks are the huge profits they will forgo for their shareholders.

No one’s money is lost, but the integrity of the banking system would be questioned and the curtain would be pulled on the great banking/political/corporate ponzi scheme. The alternative is a generation of austerity to continue to maintain the extravagant lifestyle of the richest 1% who own most of the equity in the banks. No one will be dying of hunger or begging in the streets if the banks have a few bad years.

Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.” William Lyon Mackenzie King


Något så unikt som en vettig och bra artikel i Aftonbladet! Revolten mot IMF

Michel Chossudovsky Understand the Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

Cynthia McKinney har återvänt till USA efter sitt besök i Libyen och inleder idag en turné för att tala om situationen där – Cynthia McKinney Denounces Libya Bombing.Tillsammans med bl.a. Ramsey Clark som säger: ”Are the people of the planet powerless to end this tyranny of violence?”

Michel Collon: US Fabricates and Finances Arab Opposition Groups


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