Madsen från Libyen

Wayne Madsen rapporterar vad han ser med egna ögon i Libyen – NATO’s ‘Alternate Universe’ in Libya

The Pentagon and its NATO partners are engaged in one of the most obvious and intensive propaganda ploys in their military operations against Libya since the days leading up to the “Coalition of the Willing” attack on Iraq. Suggestions that the government of Muammar Qaddafi is on its last legs and that life in Tripoli has drawn to a standstill as a result of the NATO bombing campaign are not based on reality, as any unbiased observer who has recently been in Tripoli, has witnessed…

My own account from Tripoli is that as of June 6, students of all ages were still in school, stores were open — although some larger food markets had limited hours of operation due to NATO sanctions on goods coming into Libya by air and ship — and that life in Tripoli continued as normal. The NATO sanctions have resulted in massive lines of cars, trucks, and taxis queued up to fill up when petrol stations receive gasoline from land routes from Tunisia or from locally-refined oil.

The NATO sanctions and their effect of the lives of Libyans living in the central government-controlled western region is a form of “collective punishment” designed to weaken the resolve of the western Libyans to support their embattled government. However, the sanctions are having the opposite effect, with even those who may have favored the replacement of the Qaddafi government, now rallying around their government leaders as NATO prepares to usher in a neo-colonial administration.

Civil servants, including teachers, in the rebel-held east have not been paid after rebel leaders looted the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi of 900 million Libyan dinars and $500.5 million in U.S. cash. Although the central government in Tripoli would like to help Libyan citizens in the east, there is no way for payments to be transmitted to the idled civil servants, as well as pensioners and those families who received $500 per month under Libya’s oil revenue sharing program.

A number of Libyan ministers who defected from the government to the rebels were known to be opposed to Qaddafi’s policy of sharing revenue with the Libyan people and were more interested in fattening their own bank accounts and investment portfolios. It is not coincidental, therefore, that one of the first targets of the NATO warplanes was the office in Tripoli responsible for conducting an investigation of fraud of senior government officials. Many of the officials under investigation for fraud and corruption, including senior Qaddafi ministers, are now top officials of the Interim National Transition Council, recognized by France, Italy, Britain, and other NATO countries as the ”legitimate” government of Libya. Western nations are already cutting deals with rebel leaders for new oil concessions that will place the interests of Big Oil over those of the Libyan masses.

Libyen försöker upprätthålla en flygförbudszon för att skydda civila och få stopp på NATOs attackhelikoptrar!
4 NATO Aggressor Helicopters Shot Down As Libya Enforces No Fly Zone

Khadaffis dotter stämmer NATO och Frankrike för krigsförbrytelser och för att ha mördat hennes bror och 3 av hans barn – Aisha Gaddafi Files Second Complaint Against NATO for War Crimes

Russia Today – ‘Gaddafi not as weak as West wants to present it’‘Air raids kill people, don’t stop wars – NATO needs Libya chaos to last’

Ännu en video-rapport från Libyen – Hotel owner who has taken in refugees fleeing pro-Nato rebels in Libya

Why are We Arming Al Qaeda Rebels in Libya and Giving Them an Oil Business? – Dmitry Babich, chief editor of Russia Profile magazine, ‘West violates UN resolution on Libya’

.. Any stable end of a civil war is negotiation – when parties guarantee security to each other and when they share power one way or another. That’s what Russia would like to see in Libya and that’s what the African Union is pushing for in Libya.
And I think that this is the real fulfillment of the UN resolution of 1973. That resolution says that civilians should be protected and peace should be established. The best way to protect civilians is to end fighting. This is the aim we are striving for; it is what everyone is striving for except for some Western countries and the Libyan opposition who just want to win.


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