de yttersta tiderna

De yttersta tiderna är här!
Utländska banker har tagit över Grekland! Tuffa krav på Grekland när ekonomin ska räddaskommentarer från en av medbrottslingarna
Och så har mörkermännens marionetter fått i uppdrag att skynda på med att införa censurering av internet. Den styrda propagandan är hotad! Regleringar för internet på G8:s dagordning

I går hade Ekot ett inslag om att USA ska minska sin militära närvaro i Pakistan efter krav från landets ledning, och idag besöker Hilarious Clinton Pakistan. Det är väl knappast realistiskt att tro att USA/väst skulle börja bete sig civiliserat. Är det någon sorts hot eller ultimatum hon är där för att utfärda? Är det dags för någon ny grotesk false flag-operation? Fan ta dessa degenererade galningar som envisas med att förstöra livet på den här planeten.

Pakistan: Foreign Elements Behind Naval Base Attack

* * *

Är detta ytterligare en bidragande orsak till att Nato bombar Libyen just nu? Karl Widerquist, juli 2009:

According to, Libyan President Moamar Gaddafi recently called for the country to distribute nearly all of Libya’s 32 billion dollars annual oil revenue in a cash dividend to the country’s 5 million citizens. That comes to an annual dividend of more than $6,000 per person—or $24,000 for a family of four. In a country with a per capita GDP of less than $14,000, a $6,000 basic income is extremely significant. If introduced, it would be the first full basic income in the world. That is, the first basic income large enough that a person could live on it if necessary

Och det här är ju också verkligt intressant, av någon som tycks känna till förhållandena i Libyen väl –

In Tripoli the “journalists” of ABC asked me how long Gaddafi could last financially?
I answered them much longer than the US.
They couldn’t believe me and continued: ”no seriously, how many months can he last?”
My answer, 10/20 years, brought a very big surprised expression on their faces: “NO, impossible”.
Our society of money changers and bean counters is not able anymore to think about a solid society, not based on debt or credit.
Libya has known an embargo for decades and a real ostracism for 42 years.
Gaddafi was never understood nor accepted. He was declared crazy and loony from the very beginning because he didn’t accept the orders from his “betters”. His feeling of oppression by the Western powers that be and afterwards his betrayal by the Soviets convinced him to look for an alternative solution, based on their native tribal structure.
He didn’t spend money because he couldn’t, the embargo obliged him to save money.
This frugal lifestyle wasn’t really bad for the country, they learned to live with it.
Only the Western educated and latter “revolutionaries” wanted more pieces of the cake.
I have seen governors of provinces, with budgets of billions, walking around in old army fatigues and plastic sandals, driving in old Toyota Corolla’s, with absolutely no desire for more luxury.
Gaddafi himself is of the same ilk, money doesn’t drive him, the fate of his country is his only driving force.
If that is enough to consider him a lunatic than he will proudly declare himself a lunatic.
As far as the money of the country is concerned, the calculation is rapidly made.
The total revenue during 42 years went far over a trillion dollars.
During the embargo time Libya spent only the interest of its investments, they didn’t touch their capital.
They had some amounts in foreign, US, European and Arab countries and banks.
That money was continuously siphoned off by those banks, they didn’t receive any interest on their money, the paid expenses every year on that money, pure highway robbery.
Gaddafi is a very astute investor and made several very good investments worldwide, which saved Libya a lot of money and kept their capital intact.

Today Libya is still sitting on a cash hoard of far over one trillion, the second largest after China, but safer. China has too much worthless US paper.
Because of his cash position, Libya was thinking to make Africans benefit of their commodities by introducing their own gold backed currency and their own Reserve Fund.
This would have shown the decrepit situation of the world credit system and the real abysmal situation of the Western banks.
Because the emperor had no clothes anymore Gaddafi had to disappear.
Russia and China are still hesitating what to do and whom to join. The sirene songs of Wall Street are very seductive but extremely empty. The main US corporations are already voting with their feet to Asia, just in case.
I hope Gaddafi survives the criminal onslaught and will have the chance to see his enemies crumble. The stakes are extremely high.

‘UN mandate on Libya stretched too far’ , Interview with editor of CounterPunch, Alexander Cockburn

Cynthia McKinney: Obama’s So Called Humanitarian Aid to Libya is A Disaster

Rick Rozoff –The Anglo-American Military Axis: West Backs Holy Alliance For Control Of Arab World And Persian Gulf

US-led troops kill 3 Afghan civilians

US-led soldiers have fatally shot three farmers in Afghanistan’s central province of Wardak amid growing civilian casualties prompted by the US-led occupation of the war-torn country.
The farmers were targeted in Band-e-Chak district of the province on Wednesday as they were working on farm lands, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The incident comes as the United Nations has reported that 2,412 Afghan civilians were killed and 3,803 wounded between January and October of last year — up 20 percent compared to the same period in 2009.

Sibel Edmonds – Osama Death Script: Counting the Chickens So Far

.. it was the uncertainty as to whether we could continue this ‘Al-Qaeda Fear Brand’ and ‘war on terror’ without a healthy-wealthy and very alive Osama Man. The outcome, so far, has proved those fears baseless.
Thanks to the real powers’ PR and propaganda machine, Al-Qaeda and the virtual terror machine have been deemed independent of Osama Bin Laden, and able to sustain, expand and grow ever increasingly and ever more powerful. The Bin Laden Chicken has been replaced by McQaeda Franchisees


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