What you dont know about the libyan crisis

Videon är en månad gammal men ger en bra bakgrund till det avskyvärda angreppet på Libyen.

International Tribunal for the aggression against Libya (ITAAL)

vi andklær staten danmark og danske politiker og militær pasonale at før ulovlidt krig som ikke fn mandat har givet 1970 –1973 danmark have ikke mandat at myrde gadaffis søn og gadaffi
The group of French lawyers headed by Mr. Philippe Messamom in the next few days will submit a complaint in Brussels (Belgium) against the NATO command for crimes against Libya, including the killing of the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his three grandchildren. ”This lawsuit will be filed in Belgium, since in this country are the North Atlantic headquarters of NATO, so that the Belgian court has the jurisdiction to accept our complaint” – the lawyer said Messi.
This lawyer, otherwise, has extensive experience in similar proceedings, accused NATO of violating the rules of armed conflict, especially to protect civilians in accordance with Security Council resolution the United Nations. On the newspaper RSERC Global, said yesterday: ”We will use all legal means of obtaining equality and justice. What is happening now in Libya has nothing to do with events in Tunisia and Egypt. ” Then he stressed that what is happening in Libya, an armed uprising. ”Separatists plunder, kill and burn everything they can get on target. And the duty of the authorities in Tripoli to respond by all means. What we would expect the government to do? To wait idly by? It is not reasonable, ”- said Messi. A growing number of organizations, associations, government and civic institutions around the world who express their dissatisfaction with the aggression against Libya and do everything in their ability to stop the bloodshed and help the people of Libya


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