USA påstår att man tagit hand om Usama bin Ladens dator, och man kan ju då behändigt komma med i stort sett vad som helst och hävda att man funnit informationen på bin Ladens hårddisk.
Tony Cartalucci har läst en handbok – http://www.brookings.edu/%7E/media/files/rc/papers/2009/06_iran_strategy/06_iran_strategy.pdf – från den makt som är ett verkligt hot mot mänskligheten, västs bank-finans-olje-militära komplex.

Virtually a handbook for overthrowing nations, the 156 page report focuses on effecting regime change within Iran. However, it is quite clear it draws on a body of knowledge derived from the Anglo-American empire’s long history of fomenting unrest, division, insurgencies, coups, and regime change around the world. It is irrefutable proof that the global elite, not our legislators, are the arbiters of Western foreign policy.

Tony Cartalucci – Which Path to Persia?: Redux, Syria, Libya, and beyond, Globalists prepare for second phase.

While the ”easier” nations of Tunisia and Egypt were picked apart by foreign-funded color revolutions, the global corporate-financier oligarchs knew well in advance nations like Libya, Syria, and Iran would be fundamentally different. Nations including Belarus, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Thailand, come next, posing similar hurdles, and of course Russia and China remain at the end of the road and will require the most vigorous of all campaigns to effect regime change and assimilate them into the Wall Street/London corporate-financier dominated ”international community.”

For all intents and purposes this is the final battle between nation-states and this abhorrent, illegitimate ”international community.” The battle is building up to what many geopolitical analysts call World War III, but with an insidious twist. It is a battle where festering imperial networks operating under the guise of ”civil society” and ”NGOs” are turning populations against their governments and serving as impetus to usher in stooge replacements. National institutions will be supplanted by this global ”civil society” network, which in turn will interface with contrived international institutions like the parasitic IMF, the World Bank, and the increasingly farcical United Nations.

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were meant to serve as the moral and rhetorical backdrop for successive and increasingly more violent and costly campaigns against Libya, Syria, and Iran. In Libya’s case, nearly 30 years of on-and-off armed insurrection, fully backed by the US, UK, and America’s Arabic foreign legion of Al Qaeda have defined the campaign against Qaddafi. When the call was made on February 17, for a ”Day of Rage” by Libyan leaders exiled in London, war was already a foregone, fully provisioned conclusion. So too are operations against Syria and Iran. These are admitted facts articulated clearly within the global elite’s own think-tanks and parroted verbatim by the feckless puppets that constitute the governments of the West.


Vem är Luis Moreno Ocampo, chefsåklagaren vid Internationella brottmålsdomstolen, som nu kräver arrestering av Libyens ledare Moammar Gadaffi?

Han är inte bara en marionett i USA:s händer. Han är en maktfullkomlig person som tillåter sig beteenden som ingen vanlig dödlig kan tillåta sig.
Att han inte sitter bakom galler beror uteslutande på de rådande maktförhållandena i världen som gör att lagen endast gäller dem Nato anser att den ska gälla.


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