nytt Libyen-klipp

Ett klipp till om Libyen – Press TV interviews Eugene Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine – NATO will stay in Libya after Colonel Gaddafi is toppled to take advantage of the natural resources and to put an end to the independent banking system

facebook – Lets start international revolution against nato’s invasion on Libya – på den sidan hittade jag den här träffande kommentaren:

this war is a typical raider attacks as criminals used to do. NATO has become a criminal organization attacking and robbing countries. They are a part of the world’s above-states mafia. All the world is afraid of them that’s why all the countries see and understand all it’s crimes but does not dare to stop this gang of gansters wearing their suits and ties

från en annan facebooksida – PROTEST AGAINST THE INVASION OF LIBYA

The invasion and bombing of Libya carried out by coalition forces of NATO focused on an orchestrated series of lies to justify intervention under the pretext of protecting the civilian population of a ”massacre” that never existed.

The interests of the European Union and the U.S. in this conflict consist in the annih…ilation of the Gaddafi’s regime and his replacement by a satellite governance of large corporate interests. It’s not in their agenda the concern of the Libyan people. They are interested in the control of energy resources, control of immigration through a government-aligned with neoliberal policies and especially the global expansion of the same political and economic model in order to finally pursue a global scale’s expansion of their financial markets.

NATO is bombing civilian targets and stealing Libyan resources to aid and abet terrorists linked to Al-Quaeda to whom they call rebels – so far they have only showed their monstrous character and behavior, mutilating, decapitating and committing all kind of terrible and barbarian acts.

In their despair, after their expectations failed, NATO deliberately target the Leader Al-Qathafi and murder his son and three of his grandchildren. Also bombed a civilian hospital in Mizdra (killing a woman patient, victim of previous bombings and severely injuring others); a school; a library; the Libyan TV; and hundreds of houses. Plus they are using depleted uranium coated missiles and cluster bombs.

We are assisting to a horrifying CRIME of war. We can not let this happen in silence.

Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and Berlusconi and the NATO military leadership are war criminals and should be arrested, tried and judged.

Why NATO? Cold War military machine plows on in Libya

BREAKING NEWS: NATO Ground Operations. Qadhafi mobilizes 800,000 Troops and Militia

Russia Says NATO Strikes Violate UN Resolution

The Balkanization of Libya – Interview with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

In the Theater of the Absurd: US-NATO Support ”Al Qaeda in Libya”



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