bin Laden-föreställningen

Tony Cartalucci – Globalists cartoonishly pull rabbit from hat in desperate act of misdirection.

Is there any reason at all for us to suddenly start believing our degenerate criminal government now, in light of their habitual, continuous, murderous campaign of lies and deception directed at both the American people and the world as a whole?
The answer is not only unequivocally ”no,” but we must try to understand why such a ”rabbit” has been pulled from the globalists’ hat at this point of time. It smacks of almost cartoonish desperation as the US Dollar is crashing and the world’s opinion turns sharply against an overtly aggressive NATO carrying out a Hitlerian campaign of military invasion in North Africa.

We must continue to focus on real issues. Not birth certificates of a man who has not made a single decision or spoken a single word of his own since taking office, and not the alleged death of the already long dead Osama Bin Laden who, to this day, has had zero evidence linking him to the attacks of 9/11

Tony Cartalucci – Beyond the Bin Laden Stunt

With Bin Laden’s body being jettisoned out to sea – an unimaginable act of irresponsibility by the US after claiming to have killed the most notorious fugitive in human history – it is becoming clear that this stunt is being designed to lead into something much bigger.

We are bearing witness to an increasingly desperate and reckless global gambit descending into the realm of the truly surreal. We must stand vigilant against further attempts to manipulate public perception in order to coax us further down this dark and doomed path. This includes vigilance against false-flag operations against both America and nations like India who require substantial provocation to take up this lost cause. There is no going back, no retreat for the globalists if they choose to escalate rather than defuse their crusade from this point forward.

Webster Tarpleys kommentarer:
”US media report alleged BinLaden buried at sea, no photos, no proof, just assertions by notorious liars of Obama regime- who believes this?”

”Pseudo BinLaden had been great US intel asset; liquidation shows desparate crisis of US imperialism as Pakistan Saudi, most others bolt”

Scott Creighton: Obama Plays the bin Laden Distraction CardBin Laden “Buried at Sea” – Talk About Going Overboard, This Sets a New StandardWhite House Spokesman Says bin Laden “shot through the left eye”


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