Libyen, och sen Syrien?

Ännu en bild av Libyen som inte stämmer med den som mainstreamedierna eldar på med.

John Perkins – Libya: It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans

World Bank President Robert Zoellick Thursday said he hopes the institution will have a role rebuilding Libya as it emerges from current unrest.
Zoellick at a panel discussion noted the bank’s early role in the reconstruction of France, Japan and other nations after World War II.
”Reconstruction now means (Ivory Coast), it means southern Sudan, it means Liberia, it means Sri Lanka, I hope it will mean Libya,” Zoellick said.
On Ivory Coast, Zoellick said he hoped that within ”a couple weeks” the bank would move forward with ”some hundred millions of dollars of emergency support.”

While many of the rationalizations describe resources, especially oil, as the reasons why we should be in that country, there are also an increasing number of dissenting voices. For the most part, these revolve around Libya’s financial relationship with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and multinational corporations.

According to the IMF, Libya’s Central Bank is 100% state owned. The IMF estimates that the bank has nearly 144 tons of gold in its vaults. It is significant that in the months running up to the UN resolution that allowed the US and its allies to send troops into Libya, Muammar al-Qaddafi was openly advocating the creation of a new currency that would rival the dollar and the euro. In fact, he called upon African and Muslim nations to join an alliance that would make this new currency, the gold dinar, their primary form of money and foreign exchange. They would sell oil and other resources to the US and the rest of the world only for gold dinars.

The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS, and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets or who appear to be moving away from the international banking system that favors the corporatocracy. Saddam Hussein had advocated policies similar to those expressed by Qaddafi shortly before the US sent troops into Iraq.

Leonid Ivashov – Gaddafi and the West’s Cynicism

The passing of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was an act of utmost cynicism. Instead of preserving peace, the UN Security Council – not for the first time over the past years, by the way, blessed international banditry, the pillage of national assets by Western corporations and banks, the demolition of a sovereign statehood, and the extermination of a whole nation.

What are the reasons behind the hate for Gaddafi among the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Baruchs? First, it is Libya’s and Gaddafi’s personal independ…ence, which is not allowed in a finance-dominated unipolar world. Secondly, Libya’s socially-oriented statehood reflected even by the official title – a Socialist Jamahiriya – used to draw the ire of global elites. The success of Libya’s development model posed a potential risk to the global oligarchy which had invested heavily in discrediting socialism, especially against the backdrop of the identity searches across the currently restless North Africa and the Arab world. Thirdly, over the past years Gaddafi was active in the African Union and in OPEC, where he espoused switching to gold-backed Arab currencies in oil trade.

The above reasons combined prompted the “democratization” of Libya, a process similar to the one which – speaking of the Arab world – left Iraq in ruins. Upon destroying Libya, the global oligarchy will target Syria, Jordan, attempt to induce the disintegration of Iraq and Pakistan, start building an independent Kurdistan, and turn to enforcing the same “democracy” in Yemen along with the republics of Trancaucasia and Central Asia. After that, it will zero in on bigger players..

Det var ju det här med att skydda civilbefolkningen, ”responsibility to protect”, man använde som förevändning för att ge sig på Libyen. Vem är det som har responsibility to protect civilbefolkningen i Pakistan?

”Två obemannade USA-flygplan, s k drönare, avfyrade sex robotar mot ett hus i Pakistans norra Waziristanregion på fredag klockan 4:30 på morgonen, och dödade minst 35 bybor däribland fem kvinnor och åtta barn och sårade andra.”

Att döma av den propaganda som levereras av västs mäktiga finans-ayatollors megafon Dagens Eko så är Syrien nästa land som står på tur för regimbyte.
Det finns de som menar att element från utlandet kommer in i Syrien och hjälper till att hålla liv i oroligheterna.

Color Revolution’s Mystery Gunmen

Imagine you are an embattled regime fighting against a rising tide of foreign-funded protesters. The entire world is watching, one nation is already under creeping foreign invasion for “waging war against his own people,” your nation has been warned that it is next and has been on a 20 year waiting list for regime change, and your opposition is gathering to bury dead protesters from a recent clash with security forces. What do you do?

Stage concealed snipers in multiple buildings and randomly shoot at mourners ensuring a very public, internationally sensationalized bloodbath that will unequivocally escalate both the protests and international pressure?

Video Reporting Possible CIA/Saudi Snipers in Syria

”The clip features English text along the bottom stating that Saudi/CIA snipers are operating in Syria, purposefully gunning down protesters in order to expand unrest.”

”Syrian authorities blame armed groups and foreign elements for the violence and have repeatedly denied allegations that security forces are responsible for the death of protesters, saying they have been given clear instructions not to hurt civilians.”

Who Are These Snipers In Syria?


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