the green book och Libyen

En mycket intressant presentation av tankarna i Khadaffis The Green Book (hittad hos Mike Philbin). Jag vet inte om folket i Libyen har upplevt sig som förtryckta under de seanste 40 åren. De grymheter mot befolkningen Khadaffi anklagas för nu i samband med upproret kan mycket väl vara ren propaganda i västmedierna, att regeringen svarar med våld mot grupper som går till beväpnad attack är kanske inte så konstigt. Istället får man nästan bilden att samhällsmodellen i Libyen var lite för lyckad, den kunde kanske bli ett farligt exempel för andra att ta efter. Ett samhälle som satte folkets väl före de internationella storbolagens!

THE GREEN BOOK guides the masses to an unprecedented practical system of direct democracy. No two intelligent people can dispute the fact that direct democracy is the ideal, but until now no practical method for its implementation has been devised. The Third Universal Theory, however, now provides us with a practical approach to direct democracy. The problem of democracy in the world will finally be solved. All that is left before the masses now is the struggle to eliminate all prevailing forms of dictatorial governments, be they parliament, sect, tribe, class, one-party system, two-party system or multi-party system, which falsely call themselves democracies.

Annat som imponerar är GMR (Great Man-made River) Water Supply Project, ett stort projekt med en gigantisk vattenledning från en underjordisk vattenreservoar till andra delar av landet – Libya Touts Great Man-Made River as 8th Wonder of the World:Before the implementation of the GMMR, the Libyan people were desperate for a few drops of water throughout the year,” says a government brochure describing the project. “Now, with a daily flow of over six million cubic meters, there is enough water to supply each citizen in the Great Jamahiriya with over 1,000 liters per day. In addition, 135,000 hectares of land will be freed from drought.”

Och som Pepe Escobar säger: ”This Water Pipelineistan – buried underground deep in the desert along 4,000 km – is the Great Man-Made River Project (GMMRP), which Gaddafi built for $25 billion without borrowing a single cent from the IMF or the World Bank (what a bad example for the developing world).”
Det är ju just så här det ska gå till, stater ska inte skuldsätta sig, finns det material och arbetskraft och kunskap är det bara att sätta igång och bygga de samhällen vi vill ha. Självklart egentligen. Utom för de i parasit-branschen, de privatföretag som hyr ut de papperslappar som kallas pengar (som numera bara är noteringar på datorer) och som lyckats få nästan alla att tro att man måste hyra från dem!

Av en artikel på, A Strategy Aimed at Ruining Libya, får man också bilden att nya spännande idéer provades i Libyen och att levnadsstandarden var förhållandevis hög.

A death sentence to Libya’s sovereignty was handed out long before the protests inspired by Western intelligence services shook the country and the UN Security Council responded to the situation with anti-Libyan resolutions. There are fundamental causes behind the strategy aimed at ruining Libya. Years ago, it was designated as a target by the architects of the new world order, and the air raids against Libya were just a matter of time.

The resistance to reform was actively supported by external forces and Gadhafi narrowly escaped several attempts on his life, but the process of change in Libya went on. All of the country’ s people used to make a living sufficient to meet their basic needs, food prices were subsidized, public transit and gasoline were practically free, and free housing was fully available.

The Libyan government’s efforts to create an alternative – non-capitalist and non-liberal – development model known as The Third Universal Theory also prompted external forces to start putting together a strategy aimed at destroying Libya. The fundamentals of the theory as presented in Gadhafi’s The Green Book which he wrote in 1976-1979 were actually put into practice. Jamahiriya, a system of direct popular rule modeled on the democracy of the antiquity epoch, is based on three principles:

1. The population should directly exercise administrative functions via popular assemblies which open to everyone access to desision-making;

2. The people are entitled to shared ownership of the public wealth.

3. Weapons should be supplied to the population to put an end to the army’s monopoly on arms.

The very concept of Jamahiriya was an offense to the West’s allegedly superior liberal democracy which the West invariably imposes on the countries it occupies and subdues.

Considering that at the time Gadhafi maintained close ties with J. Tito and that the Yugoslavian brand of socialism involved the reliance on self-governance as one of the key principles, it is likely that the Libyan leadership was to an extent trying to replicate the Yugoslavian model. The ideological turn set in motion the process of transferring Libyan companies under the control of their employees. Gadhafi laid out a fundamentally anti-capitalist ideological justification for the reform in the second part of his basic treatise titled The Green Book. In it, he condemned work for hire as a form of slavery and asserted that workers were entitled to own whatever they produced.

Practically any of the world’s countries having attractive natural resources or not abiding by the West’s liberal models is confronted with the risk to be next on the hitlist if the global majority fails to get heard and the powerful countries from the ranks of the opponents of the offensive against Libya lack the much-needed resolve. Shall we wait under the circumstances?

UN Praised Libya’s Human Rights Record. Washington Attempted to Block Release of UNHRC Report

”During the interactive dialogue, statements were made by 46 delegations. A number of delegations commended the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya for the preparation and presentation of its national report, noting the broad consultation process with stakeholders in the preparation phase. Several delegations also noted with appreciation the country’s commitment to upholding human rights on the ground.”

En kommentar till den mörka och hotfulla utvecklingen där ett rövarband, som själv ger sig etiketten ”världssamfundet”, med brutal militärmakt avgör vem eller vilka som ska regera länderna. Vilket uttrycks på ett skrämmande oförblommerat sätt av bl.a. Carl B Hamilton i artikeln den 5 april: ”En utvidgning har knäsatts av den nya principen om att skydda i och med säkerhetsrådets beslut om utländsk intervention i Libyen. Världssamfundet – i form av FN:s säkerhetsråd – gav sig självt en utvidgad skyldighet att skydda oskyldiga civila människor (”a responsibility to protect”).”

Dismantlement of the International Law as a New Strategy of Global Elite:

What makes the current developments in the Ivory Coast a completely new phenomenon is that while in the past foreign-assisted coups were perceived as violations of the international law and the aggressor could not count on the UN Security Council’s support, these days the international law is being invoked to justify aggression. The trend is taking shape right now: the aggression against Libya was approved by the UN and in almost no time the aggression against the Ivory Coast was launched by the UN. The international law no longer serves to stabilize international relations.

The conflict in the Ivory Coast reflects a pivotal point in the XXI century history. For the first time since 1945, the year when mankind’s triumph over fascism opened the epoch of progressive international law, the evolution appears to be reversed. The offensive in the Ivory Coat is a carefully planned operation meant to dismantle the fundamentals of the international law and world order. What is being encountered is not a breach of law but a radical shift towards flattening the global order. We are witnessing the dawn of a sinister new era threatening to dismantle the system of the international law as a whole.


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