Det är ganska anmärkningsvärt och skrämmande att de verkliga makthavarna bakom de flesta västländerna, det bank/finans/olje/militärindustriella komplexet, nu via sina informationskanaler öppet använder termen New World Order, som i det här klippet från CNN och i AB: ”Omvärldens beslutsamhet i fallet Libyen är ett slags milstolpe för en ny världsordning, en ordning där formuleringen ”skyldighet att skydda” har en konkret innebörd.” Och i AB idag, även om man inte använder exakt de orden: ”Insatsen i Libyen bär fröet till en ny internationell ordning. Där folkrätten respekteras och FN:s säkerhetsråd inte är blockerat av veton från stormakterna. Där världssamfundet griper in för att skydda människor mot massmord, folkmord och brott mot mänskligheten.”

Undrar hur det går till, får drängarna uttryckliga direkta order från ayatollorna, eller ingår det i yrket som Aftonbladet-journalist att följa det som som sägs och skrivs i t.ex. CNN och lägga sig på den nivån, använda deras uttryck och åsikter? Ingen större skillnad egentligen. Att dessa ord används just nu och samtidigt här och i USA är säkert ingen tillfällighet. Är det ett led i den psykologiska krigföringen, att få oss att ge upp när de deklarerar att de har nått sitt mål?

Saman Mohammadi – The Congress is Obsolete Under The New World Order System

Ten years ago it was easy for someone to deny that such a system was being put into place in America and other Western nations by stealth and without debate, but not anymore. Unless you want to purposely appear foolish and ignorant you can not deny that there is a scripted plan for a dictatorial world government. Even CNN is using the term ”new world order” in its coverage of the Libyan war. It doesn’t make sense to say that the new world order is emerging anymore, because it is already here.

For decades the tyrants behind the new world order moved in slow motion and masked their undemocratic political program behind euphemisms such as ”global governance,” but they are no longer in the shadows.

How long will the America people, and the peoples of other Western nations tolerate the tyrannical new world order system is a question that cannot be answered at this moment. We are still in the early stages of an evolving global political crisis that will rock America above all other nations.

Sooner or later, President Obama is going to have to make a speech justifying the new world order system, and the destruction of the U.S. constitution. The unmasking will be painful for a lot of people, and most likely cause popular uproar, but it has to be done because the President and the governments of the West can no longer politically hide the fact that Congress and Parliament are obsolete national institutions. The Libya case illustrates this fact. Internationalism is the new norm, at least for now. And it looks like many people are fine with global dictatorship, especially self-described democrats and liberals.

It is inevitable that a coalition of patriots across nations will rise and oppose the new world order system on grounds that it is tyrannical and illegitimate. And they will probably succeed in the end because it is the most difficult thing in the world to establish and preserve authority which is seen as illegal and untrustworthy by the people.

Also, it does not help the globalist cause that the new world order system was planned in secrecy by a collection of the most corrupt, dishonorable, and murderous criminals around. Add the fact that its existence was guarded by the media for decades, and what you have is a political crisis of the highest order. Congress might as well step aside and let the American people take back their country. The same goes for Canada, England, and other countries in the West.

It may turn out to be a good thing that our parliaments are so dysfunctional, stupid, and corrupt.

Webster Tarpley om bakgrunden till det som sker i Libyen:

In 1995, David Shayler, an official of the British counterintelligence organization MI-5, became aware that his counterpart at the British foreign espionage organization MI-6 had paid the sum of £100,000 to an Al Qaeda affiliate in exchange for the attempt to assassinate Qaddafi. The assassination attempt did occur, and killed several innocent bystanders, but failed to eliminate the Libyan ruler. As Shayler understood the MI-6 scenario, it included the liquidation of Gaddafi, followed by the descent of Libya into chaos and tribal warfare, with a possible option for a direct seizure of power by al Qaeda itself. This situation would then provide a pretext for Britain, probably but not necessarily acting together with the United States or other countries, to invade Libya and seize control of the oil fields, probably establishing a permanent protectorate over the oil regions, the pipelines, and the coast.31 This remains the goal today.

Timed to coincide with the attempt to assassinate Qaddafi, MI-6 and other Western secret intelligence agencies fomented a considerable insurrection in northeast Libya, almost precisely in the same areas which are in rebellion today. Its insurrection was successfully crushed by Qaddafi’s forces by the end of 1996. The events of 2011 are simply a reprise of the imperialist attack on Libya 15 years ago, with the addition of outside intervention..

The War Against the Nation State

Today’s attack on Libya comes in the context of a broad attack on the institution of the sovereign nation state itself, as it has existed since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. The United States and the British are deeply concerned by the large number of nations which are seeking to escape from Anglo-American hegemony by actively pursuing large-scale cooperation with Russia on security, with China on economic questions, and with Iran for geopolitical considerations. The CIA/MI-6 response has been a wild orgy of destabilizations, people power coups, color revolutions, and palace putsches, signaled by the document dumps by the CIA limited hangout operation known as Wikileaks, which has targeted names of the CIA hit mist from Ben Ali to Qaddafi. The Obama strategy would have preferred an exclusive reliance and the illusion that the Arab Spring was really a matter of youthful visionary idealists gathering in the public square to praise democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.

This was never the reality: the actual decisions were being made by brutal cliques of generals and top officials bribed or blackmailed by the CIA who were moving behind the scenes to oust such figures as Ben Ali or Mubarak. Whatever else Qaddafi has done, he has undoubtedly forced the CIA and NATO to drop the pleasant mask of youthful idealism and human rights, revealing a hideous visage of Predator drones, terror bombing, widespread slaughter, and colonialist arrogance underneath. Qaddafi has also ripped the mask of “Yes We Can” off Obama, revealing a cynical warmonger intent on the continuation of Bush’s infamous “Dead or Alive” and “Bring it on” policies, although by other means.

US media quick to support war – motvallsbloggen: Libyen igen: Det är idioter som styr i världen


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3 svar to “NWO”

  1. Kerstin Says:

    Tyckte jag läste någonstans (fast minns inte var) att ”rebellernas” talesmän (vilka det nu är) hade kommit överens med Väst om ett nytt banksystem i Libyen bl.a. Det blir väl ett som IMF kan bestämma över i så fall – gissar jag, och se där, Libyen är perfekt demokratiskt. Sen är det bara för IMF att tvinga landet till nedskärningar i de offentliga utgifterna, så att alla vinster från oljan istället hamnar i fickorna på världens, amerikansk alltså, storfinans istället.
    Om de vinner förstås, vilket de nog inte gör utan västmakternas markstöd också. Så när kommer det tro? FN kan man ju alltid sidesteppa när det passar och gradvis förändra insatsernas karaktär, bara FN har godkänt det första ingripandet så att folk i Väst inte protesterar mot dem direkt.

  2. Stan Says:

    Man lär ha genomfört ett ganska fantastiskt projekt i Libyen på senare år, man hittade en stor underjordisk vattenreservoar när man letade efter olja, och har byggt en jätte-vattenledning till delar av landet som var i stort behov av vatten. Inget som man slår upp särsklit stort i mainstreammedierna, vad jag vet.

    ”This Water Pipelineistan – buried underground deep in the desert along 4,000 km – is the Great Man-Made River Project (GMMRP), which Gaddafi built for $25 billion without borrowing a single cent from the IMF or the World Bank (what a bad example for the developing world).
    The GMMRP supplies Tripoli, Benghazi and the whole Libyan coastline. The amount of water is estimated by scientists to be the equivalent to 200 years of water flowing down the Nile.

    Compare this to the so-called three sisters – Veolia (formerly Vivendi), Suez Ondeo (formerly Generale des Eaux) and Saur – the French companies that control over 40% of the global water market. All eyes must imperatively focus on whether these pipelines are bombed. An extremely possible scenario is that if they are, juicy ”reconstruction” contracts will benefit France. That will be the final step to privatize all this – for the moment free – water. From shock doctrine to water doctrine.”

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