ekonomi och Libyen

Peter Joseph om hur vi måste gå över till en ekonomi som är till för människors välstånd, och inte som nu mest är inriktad på att föra över än mer kontroll åt de kanske 1% som skor sig på det nuvarande systemet!

Michael Hudson har tydligen varit på besök i Norge. En video på 8 min med en intervju därifrån finns – HÄR – Han tycker att Norge ska göra något konstruktivt och vettigt för sina oljepengar i stället för att placera dem i aktier och värdepapper, t.ex. hjälpa islänningarna genom att investera i deras fiskenäring.

Från en ganska ny artikel om Europas ekonomi av Hudson och Jeffrey Sommers, där de är kritiska till den rådande åtstramningsfundamentalismen – The Spectre Haunting Europe, Debt Defaults, Austerity, and Death of the “Social Europe” Model:

There is an alternative, of course. It is for creditors at the top of the economic pyramid to take a loss. That would restore the intensifying GINI income and wealth coefficients back to their lower levels of a decade or two ago. Failure to do this would lock in a new kind of international financial class extracting tribute much like Europe’s Viking invaders did a thousand years ago in seizing its land and imposing tribute in the form of land.
Today, they impose financial charges as a post-modern neoserfdom that threatens to return Europe to its pre-modern state.

En ny hörvärd intervju med Hudson finns också på Guns and Butter med Bonnie Faulkner.

* * *

William Engdahl – Creative Destruction: Libya in Washington’s Greater Middle East Project

With Washington’s exerting of enormous pressure on other NATO member states to take formal command of the US-led bombing of Libya, no matter under what name, in order to give Washington a fig leaf that would shift attention away from the Pentagon’s central role via AFRICOM in coordinating the military operation, the entire upheaval sweeping across North African and Middle East Islamic countries is looking at this writing more like the early onset of a World War III, one that some NATO members hint is expected to last decades. 

As with World War II and World War I, this one as well would be launched to expand what David Rockefeller and George H.W. Bush in the past have called a ”new world order.”


As of this writing, what is clear is that far more is at stake for Washington and its ”coalition of the unwilling” in the launching of a new war over Libya than anyone is admitting. If this marks the first shots in a new world war, or if various governments within and outside NATO have the strength to resist the persuasive power of the Pentagon war apparatus is unclear. What is clear is that the recent events that started in Tunisia at the end of 2010 are but part of a colossally large and increasingly desperate strategy of US-orchestrated ”creative destruction.” To date it has been anything but creative for those living in the affected region.

Michel Chossudovsky – Libya: The Objective of ”Humanitarian Bombing” is Death and Destruction

French Plans to Topple Gaddafi on Track since last November


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