Libyen och nya barnmord i Afghanistan

Tony Cartalucci – Qaddafi Retaking Libya

Qaddafi’s defiance is setting a precedence that endangers the entire premise of globalization and the ”legitimacy” it uses to meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations. By confronting this foreign orchestrated uprising, identifying the rebels as pawns of Western ambition, and offering the rebels amnesty even as the tide has decidedly turned in the Libyan government’s favor, Qaddafi leaves the official narrative given by the West in humiliating tatters.

It should be further noted that the prevailing western-backed regimes emerging from the recent Arab unrest, including Tunisia, Egypt, and the unscathed western foot-stool of Saudi Arabia are attempting to promote an ”Arab League” endorsed no-fly zone. This is perhaps a trial run for the so-called ”united front against Iran” many geopolitical analysts believe this unrest has been designed to create. After unabashedly admitting to funding, fueling, and supporting the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, Hillary Clinton made a visit to Egypt and Tunisia to ”consult with Libya’s neighbors on possible next steps against Gadhafi.”

Unfortunately for the globalists, time is running out and the reality on the ground in Libya is now running contra to the hype and propaganda promoted during the initial stages of Libyan unrest.

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Det är nu ca 2 veckor sen den fruktansvärda massakern på 9 barn i Afghanistan inträffade. Nu är det dags för stackars general Petraeus att bli ledsen igen! 2 Afghan boys killed in US-led attack The overnight US air strike targeted the two brothers in Chowaki district when they were coming back from the family farm, a Press TV correspondent reported Tuesday. The two brothers, aged 12 and 16, were coming back from the farm where they have been irrigating the plantation at night time, the report added.”
NATO Strike Kills Two Children in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province

Timothy V. Gatto – A Good Look at the Countries America Loves to Hate



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