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Tony Cartalucci 24 feb – US Libyan Intervention

Libya’s Qaddafi stands between the United States and their campaign of destabilization and regime change across the oil laden region. Not only does this stall the Anglo-American agenda, it also sets a precedence of defiance other sovereign nations may duplicate under similar US-backed instability.

There is no doubt that the unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, and now Libya is US-backed. Libyan opposition leader Ibrahim Sahad of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) is literally sitting in front of the White House in Washington D.C. giving interviews, repeating verbatim the talking points covered by propaganda outfits like BBC, CNN, Fox News, and AlJazeera. Meanwhile, a myriad of US organizations are working in tandem with Sahad’s calls for UN, EU, US, and NATO intervention.

What form might intervention take and is there a possibility that US military support is already underway? According to Brookings Institute’s report ”Which Path to Persia?” it is very possible military operations and support were planned well ahead of time.

Tony Cartalucci 18 feb George Soros & Egypt’s New Constitution

The United States and its allies are still feigning surprise at the unfolding revolutionary conflagration consuming the Middle East. However, those aware of the West’s decades old network of NGOs and how their sole purpose is reordering the world to align to Western imperial interests can clearly see their meddling hands involved in the current ”uprisings” sweeping North Africa, Arabia, and now Iran.

While coordinates their army of youthful cannon fodder in the streets of foreign nations from Bahrain to Libya, their corporate sponsors and their partners in the US State Department put on a convincing act of carefully portrayed confusion in the mainstream media.

MSNBC recently republished a New York Times piece titled ”U.S. scrambles to size up ElBaradei,” suggesting somehow Egypt’s Mohamed ElBaradei may pose an obstacle to American and Israeli interests in the region. The utter contempt for their readers’ intelligence is revealed when considering ElBaradei is a trustee of a prominent US think-tank, the International Crisis Group (ICG) along side George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Armitage, and Kenneth Aldelman.

Coupled with the US’s recent pledge to openly fund Egyptian opposition groups ahead of elections, it is hard to see how anything but a globalist-backed tyranny will result from the coming ”transition.” The boldness and size of the globalists’ activities in the Middle East, North Africa, and now Iran is of such scale, it suggests the beginning of what may be the largest, attempted premeditated reordering of the world since the World Wars.

The public’s inability to wrap their minds around the reality of what is now transpiring in Egypt will only embolden the globalists to pursue the next stage of their world domineering agenda. It is essential for the people to make the connections and expose this charade for what it really is; neo-colonialism that has replaced invading armies with hordes of duped US-backed activists. It is equally important for people to recognize that ”Neo-Cons” and the likes of George Soros are working in expertly synchronized concert to implement their new global order.





2 svar to “Cartalucci och Corbett&Pilato”

  1. Kerstin Says:

    Så frågar sig amerikaner: Why do they hate us so?

    • Stan Says:

      Pakistanierna verkar definitivt ha fått nog i och med den här CIA-Davis som dödade två personer, som det sades i en av artiklarna jag länkade till så hade mobben avrättat honom på fläcken om händelsen inträffat i en mindre stad. Det finns väl en gräns, när arrogansen växer dom helt över huvudet och de tror att de kan göra precis hur de vill så slår det tillbaka till slut.
      Samtidigt finns ju det vassaste och mest välinformerade motståndet mot de globala tyrannerna i USA, Tarpley, Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen osv.

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