CIA-terroristen i Pakistan

Är det konstigt att Irans president brukar kalla USA och Israel för ”the arrogant powers”!? Att den CIA-agent som nu sitter häktad i Pakistan för att ha skjutit ihjäl två pakistanier var involverad i något riktigt stort framgår av USA’s agerande på alla cylindrar för att få honom fri. Var det så att de han dödade visste för mycket om vad han sysslade med?
”..his connections with fissile material and biological and chemical warfare materials’ trafficking matters indicate that Davis was in the process of setting up something too big and too dangerous.” Om det kan komma fram bevis för att han försåg, eller skulle förse, grupper som kallas talibaner eller al Qaida med såna saker så borde hela rövarbandet som styr USA, och deras marionetter som t.ex. den svenska regeringen och deras knähundar och propagandamakare i medierna kunna tvingas lägga ner verksamheten och packa ihop!

Khalid Iqbal Raymond Davis: Pak-US Inequation

Contemporary world has witnessed new heights of coercive diplomacy. A public statement by President Obama declaring Raymond Davis a diplomat and asking Pakistan for his repatriation was overkill; indeed it was a diplomatic faux pas. American media was forbidden to mention the killer’s connection to CIA; ‘free and fair’ media faithfully obliged the government, until British media spilled the beans. Washington suspended all high level contacts with Islamabad; called off a planned bilateral meeting between the foreign ministers on the sidelines of ‘Munich Security Conference’; dropped Pakistan from the crucial trilateral talks of Pakistani, Afghan and the US foreign ministers; Pakistan was conveyed that Zardari’s visit to Washington was uncertain and that Obama’s planned visit to Pakistan might not go through.

Pakistan’s ambassador was summoned and intimidated by the National Security Advisor that he will be kicked out if Davis is not handed over to the US. Threats of suspension of economic aid and future cooperation were given amid indications that the strategic alliance between the two countries was also at risk.

Attitude of the American embassy was rather insensitive. No regrets were expressed over the brutal killings, no condolences were conveyed to the families of the deceased and little concern was shown for public sentiment. Though John Kerry visited Pakistan, offering belated condolences and expressing remorse at the loss of life; this was too little too late.

Apparently concerned that Davis’s continued detention and interrogation might blow his cover and expose his dubious activities, the attitude of State Department became extremely arrogant, harsh and bullying. Probably Davis knows too much about the American campaign of special operations aimed at destabilizing Pakistan to justify its denuclearization by force. Moreover, his connections with fissile material and biological and chemical warfare materials’ trafficking matters indicate that Davis was in the process of setting up something too big and too dangerous.

Two days before Davis went on killing spree, the US Embassy had forwarded its annual lists of diplomatic and non-diplomatic staff in Pakistan to the Pakistan’s Foreign Office. Raymond Davis was not on the diplomatic list. The day after the incident, the US Embassy resubmitted a revised list adding killer’s name to diplomatic list.

When Pakistani police took Davis into custody, he had an ordinary American passport with a valid ordinary Pakistan visa, issued by the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. A day later, Pakistani police was approached by a Lahore Consulate staffer in a hush hush manner to exchange that passport with another one. The new passport was a diplomatic one with a valid diplomatic visa stamped by Pakistan’s foreign office, sometime in 2009. However, police did not oblige.

Pakistani military had concluded a long time ago that the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, known in the US media as the Pakistan Taliban) was being aided by sort of free-wheeling ”contractors” that Davis represents. Last year the US pressurised Pakistan to accept about 500 of ”Davis types” without any background checks.



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