om Mellanöstern

Tony Cartalucci bekräftar i – The Middle East and Then the World – den förklaring till vågen av oroligheter i Mellan Östern som jag ser som den mest sannolika. Ett desperat försök av mörkrets makter att sätta igång ett inferno av krig och kaos i ett läge där deras ekonomiska system, banksystem, verkar ha hopplöst skurit ihop.

Beginning in North Africa, now unfolding in the Middle East and Iran, and soon to spread to Eastern Europe and Asia, the globalist fueled color revolutions are attempting to profoundly transform entire regions of the planet in one sweeping move. It is an ambitious gambit, perhaps even one born of desperation, with the globalists’ depravity and betrayal on full display to the world with no opportunity to turn back now

The recent US-backed wave of revolution sweeping the Middle East is just the beginning of a greater move to dislodge Iran and begin regaining ground against Russia and China after several years of disappointing results geopolitically. The ultimate goal in mind is to force Russia and China to accept their role as “responsible stakeholders” in the unipolar Anglo-American “new world order.” The unipolar world of Anglo-American financier domination requires that all competition be eliminated, all nations become interdependent, and most importantly, all governments conform to the globalists’ model of “civil society” which in turn answers to centralized global institutions. 

Understanding the overarching plan reveals the danger of being apathetic or complacent about the current unrest in the Middle East. It will surely spread, and depending on the Shanghai Cooperative’s response and their determination to remain the masters of their own destiny, greater confrontation may ensue. For the United States and its dwindling power, its meaningless offers to the world’s nations to join their bankrupt, one-sided model of world governance, and their growing economic mire, there is no telling what their desperation may transform into. This unpredictability and desperation may be perhaps the only card they have left in their hand worth playing, and one that should trouble us all.

Kan vi hoppas på att organisationer som SCO, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, där bl.a. Kina och Ryssland ingår ska lyckas sätta käppar i hjulet för planerna?

SCO har en veritabel motbild till den sjuka dysfunktionella geopolitiska hybris som elitister inom EU och USA drömmer om, inte minst det projicerade kleptokratiska vansinnet som kallas för världsstyre eller världsregering.’

Webster Tarpley – Mubarak Toppled by CIA Because He Opposed US Plans for War with Iran?

The gaggle in the square was simply a made for television moment, and its participants — what ever their subjective intentions — were reduced to props, scenery, extras, or walk-on parts at the very most. They hated Mubarak. They wanted the entire regime out. They rejected hierarchy. They wanted transparency. With such a pathetic and primitive level of political consciousness, the mob in the square could never hope to determine events, but was always condemned to become the tool of some organized force which actually knew what it wanted — such as the CIA.

Tarpley på Twitter:

A few more color coups in the Mideast and the US will have wiped out all opposition to attack on Iran – then get ready for World War III

Tony Cartalucci – Google’s Revolution Factory, Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0

The Alliance of Youth Movements mission statement claims it is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping grassroots activists to build their capacity and make a greater impact on the world. While this sounds fairly innocuous at first, even perhaps positive, upon examining those involved in ”,” a dark agenda is revealed of such nefarious intent it is almost difficult to believe.

Michel Chossudovsky – ‘Color Coded’ Egypt; Did US-backed NGOs Help to Topple Mubarak Dictators are ‘Disposable’: The Rise and Fall of America’s Military Henchmen – From Suharto to Mubarak: History Repeats Itself?
‘When they are no longer needed, they are replaced. The military machine prevails combined with a ruthless form of capitalist development…’



2 svar to “om Mellanöstern”

  1. Mattias Says:

    vaddå? kan det faktiskt inte bara vara så enkelt att folket i mellanöster lider av allför höga levnadskostnader i spåren av peak-oil? måste det vara västs ayhatolor som är i farten?
    klart dom kan dra nytta av det, men är inte ”peak-everything” ett större hot mot samhället än tex bilderberg?

    bara undrar…..

    • Stan Says:

      Jag tycker att det ser alltför välregisserat ut, plus att man har fullt eldunderstöd från Sveriges Radio Ekot. Tror att man måste inse att vi blir totalt bortkollrade av mainstreammedierna. Och jag har stort förtroende för sådana som Webster Tarpley och William Engdahl som har haft koll på makterna bakom kulisserna i decennier. Men säker kan man inte vara, man får göra en sannolikhetsbedömning.

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