Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? Financial crooks brought down the world’s economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them

”The mental stumbling block, for most Americans, is that financial crimes don’t feel real; you don’t see the culprits waving guns in liquor stores or dragging coeds into bushes. But these frauds are worse than common robberies.”

Scott Creighton har en del att tillägga angående ovanstående artikel och video, jag säger inte emot honom:

These people were doing what they were told to do.

Crippling America’s economy and the economy of much of the Western world in Europe was the end-game; it was the plan. It created the narrative needed to impose IMF austerity measures on social democracies across the world. That was the plan and we ALL know that now. Making as much money as they possibly could during that game plan through whatever illegal means they could dream up, well, that’s just how Wall Street works. If you already know it’s “no holds barred”, then take advantage of the “get out of jail free” card.

One way we understand this is the fact that these processes, these derivatives schemes would ONLY work, only work, if they knew, before-hand, that they would not be held accountable for this… if they KNEW they would not be prosecuted.

These are serious Wall Street crimes which come complete with long prison terms and asset forfeitures. None of these people are going to risk those consequences in such obvious and reckless schemes without knowing full well, at the start, that they will not be held accountable in the end when the shit hit the fan. That’s why they did it. These aren’t stupid people.

Se också en kort video på Creightons blogg där Hilarious Clinton håller ett tal om yttrandefrihet samtidigt som den 71-årige regeringskritikern Ray McGovern (fd CIA-medarbetare) slås blodig och släpas ut framför hennes ögon! Här förklarar McGovern vad som hände.

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