Austin Fitts

Ännu en Alex Jones-gäst som är värd att lyssna på, Catherine Austin Fitts, och som hjälper oss att avprogrammera de tankemönster vi förgiftas med av mainstreammedierna. Som att vi i västvärlden lever i fungerande demokratier, som även om dom inte är perfekta är det minst dåliga sättet att styra länderna på. Och att det inte finns något alternativ till det rådande ekonomiska systemet osv.
Vi måste börja tänka självständigt, ta egna initiativ, starta en motkonspiration, för självständiga nationer, för ökad självförsörjning, ökat oberoende från storbolag och storfinansen. Ungefär i linje med vad Jon Rappoport nyligen skrev:

Where did freedom go haywire? It’s not hard to see. It lost key battles when American involvement in the affairs of other nations became exercises in meddling, help, war, profit-making. The new “shining city on the hill” faded as unscrupulous people rejected American self-sufficiency in favor of a brand of global entanglement—with predictable results. George Washington, of course, warned against this. Specifically, he saw the old European conflicts as the irremediable actions of lunatics, and stated that their fate would be ours if we stepped into that arena.

When America ignored his words, it got its first taste of globalism and all that it implies. And it’s been getting worse ever since.

If America had taken the path of self-sufficiency (AKA isolation), it would have created an example for the rest of the world. By now, we would have seen a number of countries follow suit—and the overall result would have been much more humane by any measuring standard.

In fact, we would be ready for the next revolution waiting in the wings—the takeover of automation, in which millions, perhaps billions of jobs are done by machines—and those workers displaced would not suffer, but instead would be able to pursue more profound goals and desires of their own, since the cost of maintaining the essentials of survival would be incredibly low.

War would be a thing of the past, too ridiculous to think about, with all of us living in a sea of prosperity and abundance.

It is this universal abundance that those bent on control fear. They can’t deal with it.
Promises of abundance dealt from the top of governments down to the people are myths. The way it could have been accomplished was through each country building it from the bottom up.

del 2 och 3 – HÄR



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