mer om Egypten

Corbett Report

från videoklipp på – Egypt revolution is fake
there is no way they would let this happen if they didn’t want it to

Att det kan ligga till på det sätt som Benjamin Fulford menar ska man nog inte avfärda:
The “revolutions” that have started in the Middle East are all part of a plot by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board, according to sources deep within the system. As a part of this plan, the series of orchestrated replacements of puppets disguised as “revolutions” that started with Tunisia and moved on to Egypt will continue to unfold in country after country over the coming weeks and months. The end game is to try to provoke major unrest in the US that will lead to the declaration of martial law followed by the use of mercenary armies to enforce fascist rule there….” – Krisen i Egypten ett resultat av allmänna sammanbrottet i världen



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