mer om NATO

Birgitta Jonsdottir från Island påminner Anders Fogh Rasmussen, dansken som är någon sorts NATO-chef, om att NATO lyder under medlemsstaternas parlament då han inte infann sig personligen på ett möte i Warszawa nyligen:

”I would therefore like to urge the leadership of the Assembly to make it very clear to the current Secretary General that our members will not tolerate any deviation of the very fundamental exercise in democratic scrutiny. NATO cannot be allowed to become an unaccountable body.”

Kate Hudson – Nato looks to expand its reach

No doubt Nato wants to redefine itself too. And expanding global reach is a central goal.
That was made clear last month by US ambassador to Nato Ivo Daalder. Putting it bluntly, he said: ”We’re launching Nato 3.0.”
That sounds like bad news and it is.
”It is no longer just about Europe – it’s not a global alliance but it is a global actor,” Daalder said, confirming many people’s fears about Nato’s aspirations.
”We need to look for opportunities to work with countries we haven’t worked with before, like India, China and Brazil.”
But what exactly does it mean for Nato to ”work” with a country? Is Nato ”working” with Afghanistan?

Secretary general Rasmussen offers a different but also very worrying angle on future intervention.
”I would not exclude the possibility that we can get engaged in coming years if we see failed states being a potential threat because they offer a safe haven for terrorists.”

Det döende globala imperiets desperata försök att lägga hela jorden under sin kontroll med hjälp av sina enorma militärresurser? Om det i misshandlade länder som Irland eller Grekland uppstår folklig resning och man vill återta sina länder för att styras av folket i folkets intresse, så ser man till att hitta ”bevis” på att grupper med förgrening till Al-Qaeda finns i landet och går in med militär och ockuperar landet. Som i Afghanistan, Pakistan, Irak och snart Jemen?

Zivadin Jovanovic – The ”New” NATO Strategic Concept. The Former Yugoslavia was a Dress Rehearsal

NATO has not resolved any problem in the Balkans, neither could it do so. Instead, NATO made the Balkans a region of prolonged instability. The same applies to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq. Is this the role of NATO that Europe and the world want to see in the 21st Century?

Rick Rozoff – Global Warfare: After NATO Summit, U.S. To Intensify Military Drive Into Asia

Nick Turse – Twenty-First Century Blowback? US Military Bases Sprouting like Mushrooms, As Prospects Dim in Iraq, the Pentagon Digs in Deeper Around the Middle East



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