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Några röster om det krisande finansiella systemet. De verkar överens, systemet kommer att kollapsa. Och de ekonomistiska ayatollorna kommer att fortsätta försöka utnyttja kaoset som följer för att få sitt världsstyre på plats. Må dom misslyckas!! Folket i Grekland visar kurage, liksom man gjort på Island. Nu är man igång och arresterar bankirer! – Yet another day of Iceland banking arrests

Damon Vrabel uttrycker på ett rakt och tydligt sätt vad det handlar om, dels som gäst hos Max Keiser, dels i en ny artikel.

Damon Vrabel 12 maj:

it’s been a wild couple of weeks — increasing unemployment, Greek debt crisis, yet another ridiculous bailout, pressure on Goldman Sachs, accusations of commodities manipulation by JP Morgan Chase, and new freakish levels of market volatility that might be signaling the next phase of market collapse.  The many day-to-day issues can leave us dazed and confused, so most people ignore them.  Huge mistake.
They are all related to the most powerful force on earth that controls our lives because it is the very foundation of our society—usury.  We are ruled not by governments anymore but by financial powers that use interest-bearing debt to exert control over governments, corporations, and people. Almost all other political issues with which we concern ourselves are secondary symptoms of or purposeful distractions from this larger narrative that is never reported by the Wall-Street-funded media.

It is a system that ensures everything we do, whether in the public or private sector, feeds Wall Street and the controllers above it.  It creates a two-tiered societal pyramid of money pushers on top vs. money users on bottom.  The power differential is huge.  Everyone is hostage.  In doing something as simple as buying food to survive, we contribute to usury because we only have usury-based money, not real money.  Like the slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids, today we are stuck building an invisible pyramid of monetary power.
In such a system there is never enough money to pay back all the interest to the money pushers.  The only solution is for the money users—government, corporations, individuals—to borrow more.  This is the reason our debt continues skyrocketing to increasingly insane levels.  It isn’t about politics, but the fundamental exponential math underlying the system—the users must borrow more and more to pay back interest and keep the system afloat.  Such math is guaranteed to fail. Iceland and Greece have reached the point of failure.  The rest of the Europe and the US will experience failure as well.  Then we will see money and assets vacuumed up the pyramid by the money pushers—the banking establishment that owns the collateral and can take your property.

So this system is guaranteed to fail due to not only the impossible math, but also the fundamental immorality.

Our monetary system is a top-down controlling machine, not a free market.  It is run not by government, but by the most powerful financial interests in the world.  Some people feel in their guts that someone must be stealing from them because they just can’t get ahead no matter how hard they work.  Well that’s because it’s true—someone is legally stealing from them.

This is the civil rights issue of the 21st century, only this time it is not black vs. white but a few money pushers vs. the great mass of users.  The power of the bond market is getting ready to wreak havoc.  We’re all in it together this time.  As Martin Luther King said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal….That time has come for us today.”

Webster Tarpley hos Alex Jones den 11 maj, video i 4 delar, eller som mp3.

Michael Hudson – ”Drop Dead Economics”: The Financial Crisis in Greece and the European Union, The Wealthy Won’t Pay Their Taxes, So Labor Must Do So

Bank lobbyists know that the financial game is over. They are playing for the short run. The financial sector’s aim is to take as much bailout money as it can and run, with large enough annual bonuses to lord it over the rest of society after the Clean Slate finally arrives. Less public spending on social programs will leave more bailout money to pay the banks for their exponentially rising bad debts that cannot possibly be paid in the end. It is inevitable that loans and bonds will default in the usual convulsion of bankruptcy.

So what is unfolding is a Social War on a global scale – not the class war envisioned in the 19th century, but a war of finance against entire economies, against industry, real estate and governments as well as against labor.

.. Greece is locked into a European currency union, run by unelected financial officials who have inverted the historical meaning of democracy. Instead of the economy’s most important sector – finance – being subject to electoral politics, central banks (the designated lobbyists for commercial and investment bankers) have been made independent of political checks and balances.

In truly Orwellian fashion, right-wingers in Europe and the United States (such as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke) call this the “hallmark of democracy.” It actually is the stamp of oligarchy, stripping away control over the economy’s credit allocation – and hence, forward planning – while giving high finance a stranglehold over public spending programs.

Iceland, Latvia and now Greece are the opening shots in the resulting global campaign to roll back the great democratic reform program of the 19th century and the Progressive Era: taxation of land and the “unearned increment” of price gains for real estate, stocks and bonds, and subordination of the financial sector to the needs of economic growth under democratic direction. This doctrine was still being followed by the post-1945 era of progressive taxation that saw the 20th century’s greatest rise in living standards and economic growth. But most countries have reversed the fiscal trend since 1980.Tax collectors have “freed” income from public obligation only to see it pledged to banks for higher loans to bid up property prices.

The riots in Greece have erupted because labor understands what most journalistic reporting shies away from confronting. Growth in real wages has slowed (and has stopped cold in the United States since about 1979). Home ownership has been achieved at the cost of new buyers taking on a lifetime of mortgage debt. And the post-Soviet economies won their political freedom from Russia, only to find themselves insolvent today, dependent on IMF and EU direction of their economies to obtain the loans to pay their foreign bankers that have loaded down their housing, public enterprises, industry and families with debt.

At the political level the fight is to save Greece from being turned into an anti-state. The classical definition of a “state” or government is the ability to levy taxes and issue money. But Greece has relinquished its fiscal authority to the EU and IMF, which are telling it to violate what political theorists list as the Prime Directive of any government: to act in the long-term national interest. The Greek government is being directed to act on behalf of bank capital, and indeed, that of foreign countries to engage in asset stripping, not to promote long-term growth.

Government policy is to be taken out of the hands of voters and subordinated to the IMF and EU acting as instruments of international finance.

Latvia thus is being victimized, not helped. The aim is to give Swedish banks a little more time to keep collecting payments on loans that are going to go bad in due course. Foreign exchange spent in facilitating private debt service to foreign banks becomes a national debt, to be paid by Latvian taxpayers. This EU loan thus is an exercise in naked neo-colonialism.

What really was bailed out is the principle that economies should be stripped so that finance capital may rule. But the fight surely is not yet over. It will escalate for the remainder of the 2010s, because it is nothing less than an attempt to roll back the history of the 19th and 20th century’s struggle to replace the power of vested property and financial interests with principles of progressive taxation and public enterprise.

The only way to prevent a regressive tax shift and debt squeeze is gain control of governments on behalf of the spirit of classical economic and Progressive Era reforms. At least, that is what Greek labor is rioting for. Someone must control government, and if democratic forces withdraw from the fight, the financial sector will tighten its trip.

Joan Veon – What In The World Is Going On?

The truth of the matter, whether it is Greece, Portugal, France, Italy or the United States, we are all operating on a debt-based system perpetrated by the central banks of the world. If you were to picture the debt of the world, think of a small ball, based on the continual borrowing of countries, states, municipalities, and townships, that debt has grown to the size of a basketball.

The normal we knew before 2008 is gone. The above is the new normal with central banks controlling the world – and you and me.


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